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Cristina & Homer Ladas (San Francisco, California)

Photo: Ishka Michocka (little Ish)

We are very proud that we can invite Cristina and Homer as master teachers for our 1st international Teacher Meeting. They are known worldwide and for many years are so appreciated that their workshops are always sold out. One reason is because they teach with a lot of humor and enthusiasm, in addition
they have a very clear idea of which aspects and behaviors support the social side of the tango scene. As dancers, organizers and teachers they are a great role model in that respect, and they will talk about this responsibility in their master classes as well. In the USA, they have conducted
several trainings and workshops for tango teachers, and they look forward to the opportunity to intensify that experience during the TLT in Erfurt. Altogether, they will offer 3 blocks of master classes for teachers, each 3 hours long, and 3 open classes for all interested dancers.

Find more information about them here:

Maria & Pasi Lauren (Tampere, Finland)

Photo: Werner Fauland

Our favorite Fins have already visited us in Erfurt several times. They impress us again and again with their immense knowledge, their sympathetic and playful manners and their versatility. As they already held trainings for our association course teachers during their previous visits, we especially look forward to see them again at this TLT with their offer of special classes for teachers and one open class for everybody. By the way: Apart from their really sophisticated didactics, the two of them also form a top-notch dance couple: full of style and elegance, always accompanied by a friendly smile...

Find more information about them here:

Laura Priori & Andreas von Maxen (Berlin)


Out of the tango metropole Berlin, we are supported this year by two extremely dear colleagues, who also bring along their many-years teaching experience. The times when Laura and Andreas are not giving classes in Berlin or organizing their own milonga, they are to be found on tango travels, where many participants consider them to be one of the most social, friendly and natural tango couples. The Italian spirit of Laura and the calm ways of Andreas just make a great mix. In addition to a special class and two open classes we may also look forward to have Andreas as a DJ at the opening night.

Find more information about them here:

Sabine Zubarik & John-Michael Mendizza (Erfurt)

Photo: Petra Lehnardt-Olm

As a "home game“ from the Erfurt scene, Sabine und John-Michael will share their insights about and around DJing. During the last years, they have not only taken part in various DJ-trainings in Europe and abroad, but also conducted several workshops themselves, and of course they also DJ at events. Their approach is pragmatic instead of dogmatic, and therefore every interested person, independent of his or her experience as DJ, is very welcome.

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