DJ Training

...for practicing DJs or those people who want to become one...

20th-22nd September 2017 (Wed-Fr)


Teachers: John-Michael Mendizza & Sabine Zubarik

Duration: 12 hours

Group: maximum of 16 participants

participation fee: 125 €
(association members of Tango Argentino e.V. Erfurt: 65 €)

In this training we will talk about all things that are important for "Musicalizadores" in the field of tango, beginning with how to handle hardware, how to select your fitting DJ-software, then questions of classification and categorization of titles and the organization of your own music library, the composition of tandas, the creation of a whole evening, selecting cortinas, and special topics like cutting technique or the use of information slides. Some topics we cover by giving you extensive theoretical information, others we will approach together through practical exercises and evaluation. Please bring your laptop (with music collection) and head phones along.


Wednesday, Sept. 20 (4,5 h)



Thursday, Sept. 21 (4,5 h)



Friday, Sept. 22 (3 h)



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